Mike.Pyles.72 Level 1 (Contributor) 3 Answers 0 0 Tweet Could be down , or not sufficient funds.source: Atm is not withdrawing money & giving have a peek here If replacing the modem does not correct the problem, replace the main board.

Reset the error. Atm Error Code 3-da012(00) Yes | No CommentReplyReport Anonymous "Account from my ipad because of -994 error code..." 5 1 Tweet I could`nt Log in my facebook account from my ipad because of So I paid the small balance and within an hour prior to I was able to use my card at an ATM. Recommended Action: Access management functions and enable cassettes.

Sbi Atm Response Code 70

Clean the sensors a needed. 3. Recommended Action: An attempt to feed or dispense documents has been made when there is a note in the note transport throat. Atm Error Code 3-da000(80) Clear the error. Error Code 3-da000(10) Error Code: 162 Description: Electronic Journal get serial number failed.

Error Code: 101 (65h) Description: 2-second timeout waiting for pick. (Feed failure). http://msix.org/error-code/att-error-code-185.html Verify that the power supply is operating and the DC voltages being supplied to the main board and dispenser are correct. Thank you for commenting. is this Anonymous "A withdrawal for 100 dollars at an atm it worked later that night i..." 0 0 Tweet Earlier today i made a withdrawal for 100 dollars Atm Error Code 3-da000(60)

Recommended Action: Remove the cassette and inspect for jammed currency in the width sensor and at the output of the cassette. Error Code: 46 (2Eh) Description: Exit quantified Recommended Action: This status appears when the count at the exit is greater than the number of documents requested. 1. If the problem persists, remove the main board and replace the modem. http://msix.org/error-code/atm-error-code-3-da001-80.html If the DC voltages applied to the SPED board correct and the cables are in good condition and seated properly, replace the SPED board.

This may be due to jammed documents in the transport path between the note qualifier and the note diverter. Atm Error Code 3-da006 (00) If these actions have no effect on dispenser operation, replace the dispenser mechanism. I was going nuts trying to figure it out!

Error Code: 301(31h)[1] Description: Low level in cassette.

Was this answer helpful? Allowable bill sizes are 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Time-out waiting for response or carrier was dropped. Atm Error Codes EOT was received as first character after sending a NAK due to a bad response message.

mine is HDFC international debit card india. Recommended Action: Inspect main board to Electronic Serial communication cable for damage. Error Code: 185 Description: Telephone number not configured Recommended Action: Enter the Management Functions and configure the primary telephone number. http://msix.org/error-code/atm-error-code-da001.html Leading TodayPtsHelpful1.mikemanga40076%2.AdrianaMi227100%3.tmperdue200100%4.nikhil.pa20092%5.boyraod20073%6.SWATINITI20098%7.juniie.d5200100%8.aitnettoo20086%9.sam_5cute20074%10.Lolerzz200100%11.ikkahagui20089%12.kentnico320069%13.SlimingCh20074%14.Krazymojr20091%15.nawalnani200100%Leading this WeekPtsHelpful1.Arbi2k160083%2.macsam143120098%3.akosiars120087%4.sam_5cute100074%5.kfa1380072%6.annaandy680093%7.shadowgho80083%8.kentnico360069%9.SWATINITI60098%10.mikemanga60076%11.vive001160073%12.suraj101g60098%13.armaan kh60098%14.MatterWol60093%15.MikeElmor400100%16.philishai40098%17.Fionamel40079%18.chanus40067%19.vhie40068%20.Abhishak40098%Leading this MonthPtsHelpful1.macsam143500098%2.mikemanga500076%3.Arbi2k500083%4.SWATINITI440098%5.sam_5cute380074%6.akosiars360287%7.suraj101g280098%8.Janvi1234230697%9.shadowgho220083%10.SlimingCh220074%11.Pochie200200068%12.nikhil.pa180092%13.kfa13180072%14.akki786a164098%15.joyfulsou160097%16.vhie160068%17.heiresska140072%18.vikas pan1200100%19.8053712341200100%20.jjangkwon120070%21.RichelleP100082%22.ekha mo1000100%23.Fionamel100079%24.earose201100073%25.zaheer786100099% ABOUT US Points System About AskMeFast Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use

Ask Your Question Fast! Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. 5. Was this answer helpful? Clear the error.

Replace the power supply if necessary. The error code will be sent to the Triton Connect host if Triton Connect feature is enabled. I have tips on internet connectivity issues, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, computer problems and more!



Make sure your PIN is correct because your card might be captured after a number of incorrect tries. Purge the dispenser with the PURGE command.